Frequently Asked Questions


 Do you only do pet photography?

  • I photograph families, so that includes both two legged and four legged members.


Do you only photograph dogs?

  • No, I love cats too! and guinea pigs, ferrets, turtles, iguanas, snakes etc.  If you love 'em, then I want to make their portrait for you and I love styling portrait sessions for unique pets.


Can I include pets in our family portrait?

  • Please do! This is my favorite type of session and why wouldn’t you?  They’re a member of the family too!


Where will you take the pictures?

  • You get to decide and we'll talk this through in your pre-session consultation; options include your home, a local park (I’ve got a treasure trove of terrific locations that I regularly work at) or other interesting outdoor location (i.e. edgy, urban locations for a more modern look), or in the studio.  


If I want outdoor photos, what time of day is best?

  • Early morning and early evening provide the best light for outdoor photography, but if the day is overcast, or the location is well shaded, then any time of the day will do. In the Texas summer, my favorite time of day is early morning to beat the heat. In the cooler months, late afternoon is a great alternative. Photographs taken mid-day, without shade on bright, sunny days will not return good results. Indoor studio photo shoots are fine any time of the day or evening.


What if it rains on the day of my outdoor portrait session? 

  • You can relax, we’ll just reschedule your session! I leave openings in my calendar to accommodate rain days, so we'll get you rebooked as soon as possible. 


What if my dog isn’t very well behaved?

  • A trained dog is not required, I have a lot of experience photographing shelter animals that have limited or no knowledge of even basic commands.  Besides, I’m also a certified professional dog trainer; I’ll come armed with tasty treats, squeaky toys and patience, patience, patience!


I can't let my pet off leash! 

  • I'm going to let you in on a little secret, with rare exception, every animal I photograph is on a leash, even in the studio!  Leash removal is included in the retouching of your final images. 


You'll never get a good picture!

  • I hear this all the time; “My dog won’t sit still for a photo”, or “He won’t look at the camera”. These are the same people who are are amazed at their session reveal and say "When did you take that?" and "I didn't think you were able to catch anything good, how will I ever choose?".  When it comes to photographing dogs, cats, children (and husbands for that matter), I have the patience (and tricks) to capture the magic. 


My pet is ill and I don’t know how much time I have left with them, can I still get their picture taken?

  • YES! By all means please contact me right away as I prioritize these sessions and will adjust my schedule as needed to accommodate your timeline. End-of-life portraits are some of the most poignant and meaningful images I take and are a beautiful way to honor your pet while they are still with you and provide a lifetime memory after they’ve gone.


I'm not sure my pet is up to this...

  • My goal is to provide a relaxed and casual atmosphere for you and your pet. I have studied canine behavior and body language and use that knowledge to create a no-stress zone for your pet. There is never any pressure on you, or your pet. We'll take as long as we need to in order to capture great images.  I approach pet photography in the same way I do dog training; I use positive reinforcement and patience to encourage the animal to be a willing and active partner and enjoy the session process.


I have pictures on my phone, why do I need prints?

  • Digital photos are at constant risk of loss due to theft, file corruption or disc failure. Prints have presence and the professionally produced products that I offer are all archival and protected against fading and creasing. A wall canvas or other tangible image in your home draws the eye every single time. It’s easy to dismiss the importance of a physical print when you’re not actually faced with one, but once you unwrap your print, feel the weight of it in your hands and see the light shining from its surface, you’ll see what I mean.


Still tilting your head?  Contact me for a no-obligation consultation to get all your questions answered!